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      1. Welcome to Jiangsu Grand Xinyi Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. Website!
        Jiangsu Grand Xinyi Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.(our company's predecessor is "Yancheng Xinyi Pharm & Chem Co., ltd") is situated in the Yanhai Chemical Industrial Park of Yancheng city. Occupying a land area of 26,000 square meters, it is a specialized hormones pharmaceutical chemical enterprise which integrates the scientific research, the development and the production.

        Jiangsu Grand Xinyi Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
        Liu Feng 15310426561
        PHONE: 177 2395 2475
        QQ: 348 849 919

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        Adress:Coastal Chemical Zone,Binhai County, Jiangsu Province,China
        Liu Feng PHONE: 177 2395 2475 15310426561 MAIL: 17723952475@163.com
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